I Forgive Herman Cain,the Only Conservative Left

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November 4, 2011
I Forgive Herman Cain, the Only Conservative Left
By James Lewis

Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Not a bad rule of thumb.

Being alive means making mistakes. Growing up means understanding that fact, and taking responsibility. Bad actors never take responsibility. Barack Obama honestly believes he’s never made a mistake since getting elected; it’s one of the few things I think he really means. Honestly.

That’s why I kind of like Herman Cain’s response to the media thugs. Cain isn’t playing their game. I hope he checkmates them, move after move. Never play by their rules. Always set your own rules, or they will kill you. You can see their shotgun victims all over the political landscape.

That’s why I magnanimously forgive Herman Cain for whatever his sins might be. I’m not interested, frankly. After Bill Clinton’s and John Edwards’ abuse of women, I’ll forgive any decent man or woman. Got a DUI but went straight? Good on ya, mate. I’ll vote for that.

But I will not be voting any time soon for a sociopath with flagrant personality disorders.

I’m sorry, it’s just a personal quirk.

Of course, who am I to forgive anybody? A good question. I will now evade it.

Let me ask you another one: who are the corrupt and dishonest mediots to condemn an honest man and give a free pass to unholy demagogues who are trying to rob you blind?

And yet, the media have arrogated to themselves that higher moral ground.

Do they live up to it? Are they models of good behavior? Gimme a break.

The media abuse their ideological monopoly every single day of the week, and we all know it. You can’t go through an airport without being assaulted by CNN. It’s a little like being a peasant in North Korea, with the giant loudspeakers trumpeting over the rice paddies 24/7. They can’t escape the propaganda, and neither can we.

Well, those times, they are a’changin…

Now compare Mr. Cain, mathematician, economist (for real), business executive, and responsible adult, to one Bamster, who is none of those things.

What’s the choice? If you were hiring, whom would you hire? Do you have any smidgen of a fraction of a percent of doubt? I make it about 99% in my mind.

We don’t get to vote for perfect human beings. I’m sorry. It’s tough, but true.

If we’re lucky, we get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to vote for a good human being, who’s also smart, a good executive, and has a moral compass.

We lucked out with Reagan, and then got Clinton and Obama, because we got cocky and just assumed that everybody in the world understood what works best, after the Soviet farce fell apart.

But the Demagogues started to win elections instead, because lying is what they do best, and they constantly prey on the young and ignorant. The left rewrote history, infiltrated the Organs of Propaganda, and kept going.

Our bad.

That’s what we get for neglecting the duties of citizenship. If another five percent of normal, decent Americans got wise to the Demagogues, our problems would be solved. Five percent is all we need.

Herman Cain is giving us a chance to get it right one more time. I think that’s pretty amazing, and he’s not running for an easy job, or even a safe job. With Mitt Romney pretending to be a Rorshach blot, Cain is the only one with a real chance who also looks like he can be a great president.

Is he perfect? He says he’s not, and I believe him.

Do we even know for sure what’s in his mind? No.

Is he better than the others?

You decide.

Those are the adult choices. Everything else is fantasyland, and the left takes care of that for us.

The United States has seen times of great political corruption before. Jacksonian democracy was pretty bad, but it eventually gave rise to Abraham Lincoln. The spoils system of the late 19th century was bad. The city political machines were bad. (Are bad, I mean.)

And yet Americans have always been obsessed with morality, which is why the abolitionists won the battle for public opinion before the Civil War. Slavery had to go, even at the price of 600,000 dead, the bloodiest war Americans have ever fought.

If you want to know why they fought the Civil War, listen to The Battle Hymn of the Republic. It’s not a secret. Don’t believe the howling hyenas who are always eager to slander this country.

Americans elected Lincoln because they couldn’t live with themselves in “a Nation half-slave and half-free.” The South didn’t even wait for Lincoln to move into the White House before shelling Fort Sumter. They saw the end of the road, and John Brown’s mad rebellion set them off.

I don’t see the Saudis tearing their country apart to liberate women. I don’t see Egypt protecting its Coptic Christians, who were living there centuries before Mohammed.

I don’t see many countries, in fact, that are bound and determined to do the right thing. I never saw Western Europe caring one little bit for the Russians, Poles, Czechs, East Germans, Estonians, and all those other peoples who were enslaved by the Evil Empire.

They knew what was going on. Most of Europe’s public intellectuals actually cheered the bloodiest tyrannies they could find, as Paul Johnson points out in his crucial book, Intellectuals.

Europe has been corrupt and antidemocratic for a long, long time. The European political Enlightenment ended with Karl Marx, and they’ve been cheering bloody tyrants ever since, as long they did their nasty work someplace else.

It was America that made the difference, not just once but three times in the last century: Against the Kaiser, Hitler, and the Soviet Empire. If Americans were not supremely good and decent people, your children would be doing the Hitler salute or its Soviet equivalent, every single day. There are no arguments about saying the Pledge of Allegiance when the left is in charge.

The Progs call that “American imperialism.” It’s really American idealism.

So the Cain Train is leaving the station, right now, carrying our last, best hope to make a difference to this badly abused nation. The Dems have their yapping hunting dogs out to bring him down, and to their shame, some Republicans are colluding.

That’s what they really believe in this administration. That’s why he had to bow to the woman-oppressing King of Saudi, and the people-killing dictator of China. In public. Giving us the high sign every time he bowed.

Herman Cain is the last, best chance for liberty in this nation.

And let me end with another question that’s been bugging me.

Do you really need to see Herman Cain’s birth certificate?

I didn’t think so.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/11/i_forgive_herman_cain_the_only_conservative_left.html?mid=533#ixzz1eJahIUXY


He’s Hip To Your Game

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Race 2012 Calender begins in Jan

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January 2012
January 3 – Iowa Caucuses
January 10 – New Hampshire
January 28 – South Carolina
January 31 – Florida
February 2012
February 4 – Nevada Caucuses, Maine Caucuses (state convention through February 11th)
February 7 – Colorado Republican Caucuses, Minnesota Republican Caucuses, Missouri
February 28 – Arizona , Michigan
March 2012
March 6 – (Super Tuesday) Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Vermont.
March 10 – Kansas Caucuses
March 13 – Mississippi, Alabama, Hawaii Caucuses
March 20 – Illinois
March 24 – Louisiana
April 2012
April 24 -Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Rhode Island
May 2012
May 8 -Indiana , North Carolina, West Virginia Caucuses
May 15 – Nebraska, Oregon
May 22 -Arkansas, Kentucky
June 2012
June 5 – Montana Caucuses, New Mexico, South Dakota, California, New Jersey, South Dakota.
June 12 – Ohio
June 26 – Utah

It Flies Fast *in the race to the WH

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i’ve been around long enough to see some ‘seasoned politicans’.Voted for some of them. Enter Herman Cain Not a ‘seasoned politician.’.Now the latest rumor is that he’s going to ‘hide out’ from the campaign trail for awhile. This little ditty started at the Blaze. Let me refresh this authors memory as well as some of the folks commenting there.(will grab the name later;it’s not that important).

Herman Cain had no name ID when this race began.He’s worked his tail off just to get even close to a fraction of the name ID the other candidates came into the race with-they didn’t have to work like this to get name ID. From Gingrich to Romney to Bachmann and Paul(among others) they all HAD name ID. Herman Cain had to do all kinds of interviews-some very tough and demeaning-everywhere and just about every time you turned around there he was. The media played him down-he took what they would give him.He participated in every single debate-even when they passed him by and tried to ignore him. They put him in the far corners of a straw poll and at the end of the speech giving with a shortened amount of time.He took it. This fast paced grueling schedule has been going on for months while those candidates just mentioned got air time-sailed in with name ID.

For that matter look at Rick Perry.He hadn’t even opened his mouth,spent one second campaigning, been to a single debate or out on the stump like Cain and he was at the top of the GOP polls. All Perry did was announce.BING-there was top of the heap. BING-there was Herman Cain(for all the hard work)at the bottom.Look where he’s come from ppl.
Cain has been criticized for some gaffes.Most of which he elaborated on over time-clarified. He’s not used to the 30 second sound byte you have to give the media. He’s also not accustomed to sending out the spin doctors.
Ok and some were actual gaffes and he’s gotten up to speed on those issues. Others were comments taken out of context,Gotcha questions he answered correctly that got twisted.Even the NYT put out a hit piece on Cain w/o any sources. Cain said it well though;the voice of the ppl is more powerful than the media. We remember the last time when the elites and pundits burned us.THIS time we know we have the one we need for President and we’re NOT defecting.

I know Newt Gingrich is a good guy-i also know how vilified he was for slamming Paul Ryan’s plan.Snubbed big time.What short memories ppl have.
And now he looks like the cat who swallowed the canary by taking the moral high ground. By staying out of the fray at debates. By striking out at the media. I also know he hasn’t taken the hits Herman Cain has. Cain has been tested by fire and is always amiable no matter what.
We know the GOP elites and pundits wanted Perry until he couldn’t hold his own. So then they went to Romney. (Momentarily for Christie among others.)
We know now they want Romney in the worst way and would even go for a Newt as long as it was anyone but Herman Cain. You know you can’t miss it when it’s something this obvious.You can’t fault Gingrich much even w/ his baggage but he’s not going to inspire ppl like Herman Cain.He talks the language of the seasoned politician but not the language of the ppl.
While Herman Cain has had a major bulls eye on his back the likes of Newt and Romney have gone unscathed.The hits have been hard.It flies fast and much of it has been garbage. Romneysis unscathed because the pundits back him but Newt because he’s stayed out where nobody can see him.Nobody can hit you if you keep out of their sights.
Herman Cain is not smooth like these guys.He’s never held office(thank God)and learned political gamesmanship.
He doesn’t play this.
He inspires. This means we’ll vote without our noses plugged.
He’s a leader-and more than policy we need leadership.
He’s not beholden to anyone-he’s there for us.
There are no skeletons in his closet-nothing to dig up and throw on him so they have to scrape for the garbage and hope something sticks.

Like ya Newt-but i gotta vote Cain.I want to live long enough to vote for one great President in my life time and Herman Cain is that person.
AN LA paper says the campaign is losing steam-just as the donations are coming in like never before and Cain is at the top of the polls.
The blaze has this article that says Cain is pulling back but my gosh-after all the heart and soul he’s put into campaigning why not. He doesn’t have to be at event after event-interview after interview-media outlet after media outlet to be running.
He had 5 stops in Alabama!! I have never seen a candidate ever work so hard for the people and at the beginning w/ so little.
Rick Perry bows out of the debates-and Cain possibly pulling back the schedule a tad is a story? Give us a break!
Santorum has been running ads to convince ppl Herman Cain is not pro life. Rick can do better than this-he KNOWS it’s not true and it’s a pretty sad day when someone’s good reputation and life convictions are put into question like this.
I have to go with Herman Cain ppl. No matter how well liked Romney is with the pundits or how polished Gingrich is.
We don’t need the so called experts to tell us we have a real leader here.
It’s been a long time since we’ve had a man of the ppl step into the White House-too long.

You talk to Herman Cain he talks to you straight.


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If you think the liberals have been viscous to Herman Cain right up there are the establishment elites and so called ‘experts’ . There was an article called the Revolt Against Experts by Michael Barone.Who calls these ppl (pundits)experts? He does. Who designated them as experts? THEY did. He could have called it Revolt Against Pundits but these ppl are clueless. Or even the Revolt Against the LSM.Let’s get over the idea that POLITICAL experience is the only or even best kind of experience there is.The problem w/ Obama is not his lack of experience.The real problem with Obama is the kind of experience he had. Herman Cain’s experience blows Obama out of the water and even the other candidates.Some of whom have had plenty of ‘political’ experience.

that’s my President

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Great Photos of Herman Cain

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Herman Cain gets keys to the city in Corpus Christi
Cainiac car
Check that out!Paul gets to meet Herman Cain.Herman Cain gets photo taken with Paul and his special “Cainiac” car.\\