Letter of Encouragement to Herman Cain

December 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Mr Cain-i have envisioned you as our next Potus from the very beginning. I am sorry the battle has become so difficult but if it were easy it wouldn’t be worth it. I knew from the beginning you entered the race for the right reasons. I also knew from the beginning the status quo would want a ‘seasoned’ politician. This is their comfort zone. What we need is the real change that Obama promised but could not enumerate and for that matter could not deliver.His change was a transformation of our great country to Socialism.You want real change-a transformation to our traditional ideals that made this country great flaws and all.This is why YOU will make a great President. You have those traditional values ingrained in your character,flaws and all too. You have shaken the core of the status quo because they didn’t believe you had a chance-but we,your supporters did. Now that they found out how strong you were and how strong we were standing for you they got scared. You are the one candidate i would be PROUD to vote for-not walk into the voting booth and plug my nose because you had an R in front of your name. It might be an R but deep in your soul you are a true conservative and will not bend to the wind. Do we need that now more than ever. This is too important an election to lose. I know you will rank among the greats. We don’t get to see history made very often and i hope to live to see this today by your election. I can see you placing your hand on the Bible and have that mean something.Not JUST an empty gesture. I know you’re not perfect either but you will rise to the office to which you’ve been called. Please stay in the race so my husband and i can PROUDLY cast our vote for you.America has not always lived up to her ideals but you have given us reason to believe in what we can become again!
God Bless you Mr Cain. i didn’t say it well enough but it’s sincere and i know it’s true.


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