We know how it all worked out

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not very well



Message to Politico

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All Hands On Deck 4 Herman Cain Weekend!

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We need all hands on deck for a Herman Cain Twitter weekend!

The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend

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By Carl Johnson Sr. A MUST read,re the media’s treatment of Herman Cain.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” You’ve heard this before? If this is true, then what does that say about THE FRIEND OF MY ENEMY? Take a moment to think this over carefully. The friend of my enemy must, by definition, be my enemy. In terms of the battle currently being waged for the future of America, Barrack Obama is my enemy. Therefore his friends must also be my enemies. The friends I’m speaking of in this post are the Main Stream Media (MSM). Specifically: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, CNN & many other so-called “news” outlets. The facts speak for themselves. None of these organizations, or the people who control & work for them are objective or unbiased in their presentation of the events of any given day. They are NOT the journalists they would have us believe they are. A journalist observes & reports the events of the day accurately & COMPLETELY. That is not what these people do. It has become a routine matter of course for these people to take a 4 or 5 second sound bite, out of context, and then tell us what the person being misquoted meant by what he or she said. The crucial, qualifying part of what was actually said is simply NOT reported. A LIE OF OMISSION IS STILL A LIE. The sad fact is that what was once a Free Press has become nothing more than the propaganda machine of the Liberal Socialist Left which now controls the Democrat Party. Fortunately for us, many have come to recognize the danger posed by the MSM & have begun to sound the alarm. What I hope to accomplish with this article is to show you how the MSM attacks US via YOU & what you can do to thwart their efforts.

The 1st thing each of us needs to understand is exactly how propaganda works so that we can recognize when we’re under attack. Propaganda is the art of THE BIG LIE. Among the most recent examples would be the media portrayal of Occupy Wall Street as a spontaneous, nationwide grassroots movement of many thousands that continues to grow. Nothing could be further from the truth. The few sources of objective, unbiased reporting available to us show it to be a well-planned, organized & financed effort, numbering in several hundreds (not thousands) in the largest instances & only having any presence in a few major cities with enough Liberal Socialists in government to force it’s toleration. Contrast this with the portrayal of the Tea Party. According to the media we are backward, redneck, racist, Nazis, bigots & homophobes with violent tendencies who want dirty water & air. In the case of Occupy Wall Street, we really only have their word for it. Those precious few sources that report the truth don’t get much exposure. That is by design. The media doesn’t tolerate contradiction. We’re actually somewhat fortunate in the misrepresentation of the Tea Party because it illustrates the tactics used by the Left to try to influence what we think. You see, in their arrogance, they over-reached. They tried to tell YOU who & what YOU are. If you want to prove this to yourself, just go look in the mirror & tell me if the man or woman looking back at you is a Nazi or wants his or her children to drink dirty water & breath foul air. You know who & what you are. You know they lied. You also know you can’t trust those who would lie to you.

Now that you understand how propaganda works, think a little bit about how the media has handled the coverage of the Republican debates & nomination process so far. Everything they have done so far has served to minimize all of the candidates EXCEPT Romney & Perry. Herman Cain has only recently begun to get the attention he deserves because they simply can’t hide him any longer. Now ask yourself: why would they do this? Keeping in mind that all of this coverage is being presented by THE FRIEND OF MY ENEMY, what advantage would the Left have in portraying Romney & Perry as the front runners & center of attention? The answer is as simple as the tactic is devious. Between the 2 of them, Romney & Perry are on the wrong side of EVERY issue from the perspective of conservatives. (Please note that I didn’t say Republicans. Unfortunately the establishment GOP is not our friend either, but that’s another story.) The MSM knows this. They don’t want either Romney or Perry to be elected President. They want Barrack Obama re-elected. They recognize, however, that Obama has done such a lousy job as President that he will very likely be defeated. They hope that by “guiding” us into nominating a liberal, establishment Republican like Romney or Perry, Obama will have a better chance of being re-elected. This plan includes the fall back contingency that if either Romney or Perry does become the nominee & is subsequently elected; neither of them will do much, if anything, to effect the real change that WE want. Please recall how John McCain managed to become OUR nominee in 2008. Herman Cain is not just a threat to Liberal Socialism & the status quo of the establishment GOP. He is their worst nightmare, because he REALLY WILL represent US. The Liberal Socialist MSM knows this & will do ANYTHING to prevent it.

The next thing you need to understand is that the easiest way for the MSM to attack Herman Cain is through US. That’s right. You & me. Every time one of us sees or hears or reads a story about how Mr Cain “stumbled” or “misspoke” or “gaffed” or “flipped” and brings that back to our groups as if it were fact, WE DO THE WORK OF OUR ENEMIES FOR THEM. We must never forget that these reports are being presented by our enemies. As such ANY derogatory report is inherently unreliable & must be recognized for what it really is: an attack not only on Herman Cain but on US. I’m not saying Herman Cain is perfect. Neither does he. What I am saying is that the MSM will do everything in their power to misrepresent him & divide us. Every second we waste arguing among ourselves over these misrepresentations is a second that could have been spent advancing OUR goals via OUR candidate.

So what do we do? How do we counter the propaganda of the Liberal Socialist Main Stream Media? If you’ve read this far & understand how you’re being attacked & THAT you’re being attacked, then the most important objective has already been accomplished. Recognition of the threat is vital for our success. When you see one of these misleading reports, DON’T ACCEPT IT AS FACT. Given what we know about the MSM it would be safe enough to simply dismiss anything they say, but I don’t recommend this approach because it doesn’t arm you with the ammunition you need to effectively inform (& thereby persuade) those outside our groups who don’t understand what’s going on. Rather, I recommend that each of us take the time to go to the source & watch the video or read the entire statement to see what was REALLY said. Only by “going to the well’ ourselves will we be able to discover the truth of any issue & counter the propaganda attacks of the Left. This is what worked in the 2010 midterm elections & it’s what will work now. This election, like 2010, will be won by each of us recognizing that we’re under attack & doing our part to counter it. Ignore the MSM. Become informed on the issues through your own efforts. Don’t allow THE FRIEND OF OUR ENEMY to divide us. STAY FOCUSED!!!!! Like 2010, this election will be won with sweat equity & boots on the ground. We know who & what we are. We know who & what THEY are. They are Socialists. WE ARE AMERICANS!!!! We will do as Americans have done since the very beginning. We will unite. We will be stronger than OUR ENEMIES & THE FRIENDS OF OUR ENEMIES. And together we will win this election & begin taking OUR country back.

Letter of Encouragement to Herman Cain

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Mr Cain-i have envisioned you as our next Potus from the very beginning. I am sorry the battle has become so difficult but if it were easy it wouldn’t be worth it. I knew from the beginning you entered the race for the right reasons. I also knew from the beginning the status quo would want a ‘seasoned’ politician. This is their comfort zone. What we need is the real change that Obama promised but could not enumerate and for that matter could not deliver.His change was a transformation of our great country to Socialism.You want real change-a transformation to our traditional ideals that made this country great flaws and all.This is why YOU will make a great President. You have those traditional values ingrained in your character,flaws and all too. You have shaken the core of the status quo because they didn’t believe you had a chance-but we,your supporters did. Now that they found out how strong you were and how strong we were standing for you they got scared. You are the one candidate i would be PROUD to vote for-not walk into the voting booth and plug my nose because you had an R in front of your name. It might be an R but deep in your soul you are a true conservative and will not bend to the wind. Do we need that now more than ever. This is too important an election to lose. I know you will rank among the greats. We don’t get to see history made very often and i hope to live to see this today by your election. I can see you placing your hand on the Bible and have that mean something.Not JUST an empty gesture. I know you’re not perfect either but you will rise to the office to which you’ve been called. Please stay in the race so my husband and i can PROUDLY cast our vote for you.America has not always lived up to her ideals but you have given us reason to believe in what we can become again!
God Bless you Mr Cain. i didn’t say it well enough but it’s sincere and i know it’s true.

Jan 3rd is coming.let’s get the right nominee!

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Remember what they all said about the guy on the right and think about what they’re saying re the guy to the left of him! Then you’ll know Herman Cain is the right choice!
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Happy Thanksgiving

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